If you’re not imaginative, then your university degree is worth less!

by einsteindiva.com

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Prestigious universities like MIT, Yale, Stanford, and Berkley have for some time used OpenCourseWare to distribute many of their courses for free on the web. Academically knowledge has traditionally been limited and even sometimes protected by institutions, now they have opened up and are reaching a global audience; almost everyone can have access to academic knowledge.

The trend shows that the mass population is increasing exponentially and equally so the number of academically trained.

Both India and China has an increasing trend in the number of university graduates. According to UNESCO, China has twice as many university graduates as the United States, which used to be the world leader. (Http://www.uis.unesco.org/template/pdf/wei/2007/WEI2007report.pdf).

The values of academic knowledge decrease dramatically and are doing so rapidly, while the value of creativity and being innovative is increasing significantly.

To compete only with knowledge becomes more and more irrelevant. Things that used to be impossible to solve, suddenly becomes possible because of the technical revolution. But old knowledge is no longer applicable; it must be solved with imagination and creativity.

Today, academic knowledge can be bought for less than 4 euro in India or in China. So why do organizations continue to employ people only for their knowledge instead of employing inquisitive people who dare to see things in a new perspective and challenge the old?

How far can the developed countries allow developing countries to take the evolutionary lead in field after field? Will Web 2.0 be historically associated with the era in which developing countries became developed countries and vice versa?

Sure, academic knowledge and information are necessary compounds but it´s not enough if organizations wants to be innovative and competitive. Organizations in developed countries need to recover something they previously had, and that developing countries possess…. Curiosity.

China and India are among the world’s largest countries, can you name their leaders? How many athletes do you know about in these countries? Can you name at least ten Indian or Chinese companies? Well, probably not! They may. Why?  Well they are both inquisitive and have knowledge.

Albert Einstein once said “The True Sign of Intelligence Is Not Knowledge But imagination”


What is your view on things?

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