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Eureka, I’ve got it!!

When was the last time you had one of those “light bulb” moments? You know, like a cartoon character that suddenly gets a brilliant idea and a light bulb appears over his head…..Well the challenge lies in knowing why these moments happen and what can be done to encourage them.

From scientific research on the brain, it seems that our usual logical thinking approach is handled by the left side of the brain. But those sudden insights appear to come from the right side of the brain. And when those aha moments come, your brain does literally “light up” – there is a burst of high-frequency brain waves. It seems that the right temporal lobe of the brain is used for drawing together distantly related information, so when it all comes together, it’s like all the pieces of a puzzle suddenly falling into place, and you’ve got your “light bulb” moment.

So how can you encourage these sparks of insight? The most important thing seems to be not to think about it! Using the left-brain logic sometimes just doesn’t help us solve problems. You can block your brain by thinking too much. Instead, try doing something else, put your attention elsewhere. Take a walk thru new environments, talk to a friend or why not with a stranger, do something you never have done before. Maybe even have shower!

I’ve know what triggers my sparks of insight, I hope you find yours J

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